Welcome to the redesigned Edge of Nowhere...

After working off and on for many years, I'm finally bringing this site back, with a new design that focuses more on my images, with some information sprinkled throughout. It's still a work in progress; I'l be refining the features and navigation over time. And hopfully adding new content.

Select a section to the left to navigate to different sections of the gallery. Thumbnails with lighter text have images, while darker ones do not. Each link should lead to a page, though.

Object gallery pages have layered pictures to call out certain areas, while Event pages are more of a slideshow of pictures throughout the event.

Some of my equipment is below, taken during the 2017 Solar Eclipse. I've got a Celestron C8-N telescope, with an equitorial mount. I've got a Raspberry Pi setup for viewing and occasionally streaming some events. Other pictures were takin with film on a tripod or barndoor mount.

A man outstanding in the field
My eclipse setup, with my wife in the background
Kids preparing to watch the eclipse